About Us

Before the pandemic, we handled the cafeterias of some schools and eventually started our own small restaurant. The restaurant business was something we were all not familiar with, but still tried. It was a flop, it continued to lose money for a year. Then the pandemic hit. We did not want all of our personnel to lose their jobs because it would be hard for them to look for jobs, so we opted to try to sell our best-sellers online (thru Facebook and Instagram).

At first, support just came from family and close friends. They would order for their family meals and sometimes, their giveaways. We would always ask customers to recommend us to their friends / relatives. It was very hard at first. There would be days where we had to close or we had to ask staff to just do a general cleaning because there were 0 orders. After several months of hard work and prayer, our biggest blessing and BIG BREAK came when we got featured by a famous blogger called “Masarapba” on her Instagram page and that is where things started to go crazy! Strangers started ordering out of nowhere. Orders started to pile up even on weekdays! There are days where we would wake up to dozens of message requests for orders.

We would like to thank those who supported us from the very start, it was a challenging road but you made it more bearable to traverse.